3CX Phone System

3CX was founded in 2006 to provide all Windows based platforms with a open standard PBX (Private Branch Exchange) so customers can make calls straight from within Windows.

The 3CX Phone System software was initially offered as an open source free product in 2006.
Not long after, in 2007 the first major commercial version was released to the public and was intended to provide an easy solution of making VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

The latest stable version which was released in September is version 12.
3CX is based on the SIP standard (Session Initiation Protocol) and enables its users to make calls via either VoIP or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) services.

The 3CX Phone system software is completely IP based and supports both the standard software (virtual) and hardware (physical) SIP phones.

The 3CX system is web based and can easily be configured for users on the network or pushed out and managed form the web interface.
We at A&STech have rolled out this software including hardware to many of our customers, both small and medium sized businesses.

Along with the web interface, the 3CX Phone System also comes with a very powerful management console which although when it was in its infancy had very little features, now packs all the bells and whistles for creating, managing and supporting the entire network infrastructure.

Being 3CX certified and a 3CX reseller, A&STech has vast experience with the system and many of our customers are very pleased with the ease and features the system gives them.

On the client side of things, the 3CX software gives users many customising and productive features.
They can message each other, set their status, divert calls, access all messages and functions both though the phone or 3CX client software, they can record personalised messages or greetings and a lot more. Plus on top of that all this is available to them from a remote location by installing the 3CX phone software on their smart phone.

We at A&STech highly recommend the 3CX Phone system, for cheap, crystal clear calls and ease of management.