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When to back up your date.


The simple answer is DAILY The time is takes to backup  is worth millions to some businesses compared to if you don’t. To make sure you do a back up, write the sentence below and paste on your computer. BACKUP UP MY COMPUTER TODAY Do it now. Dean


How to prevent Windows 10 from using all your bandwidth


How Windows 10 can steal all the bandwidth during updates, and how to change this settings Windows 10 has introduced many new features for its users. With the new version of Windows, users do not need to download drivers anymore. The reason is that it does everything automatically over the internet. Indeed, as soon as […]


Sony Backup Tapes – 185GB


Sony was king of the music tapes (backup tapes) in the 80’s. Just as in the music industry, backup tapes were slowly being faded out for more robust and bigger storage solutions such as hard drives and Digital Discs. That might all change if Sony’s new backup tapes go into production Last month at the […]


Windows XP End of Support


That ever blue sky, those endless green hills, you could almost say it was a holiday. If it were a holiday, it would be over as Windows XP has reached its End of Support life with Microsoft. So after 12 years of supporting and updating Windows XP, Microsoft has cut off its life support today […]


Future Tech : MCX Cables


This week Intel has unveiled a new technology in data transferring called MCX. MCX (which strangely is not an acronym for anything) has a total transfer rate of 1.6 Tbps! Developed by Intel and produced in collaboration with US Conec, these data cables are already in the real world evaluation stage as of last week. […]


Intel WiDi


This week we got to have a play around with Intel’s (relatively) new and not well known wireless technology; WiDi. WiDi stands for Wireless Display and it’s a technology solely developed by microchip giants Intel. So this means if you stick to teamred with your CPU’s, AMD will not have this technology available to you… […]


Microsoft Office 365 unlicensed


A few weeks back one of our technician’s blogged about re-licensing Microsoft Office 365 by basically logging out as the user, logging in as the admin of the domain and then logging back in as the user. This week we found out that this solution isn’t always the solution. After trying this above fix along […]


Bitdefender – Best of 2014


At the start of the year we blogged about our cloud based and managed AV Bitdefender and it has just recently been awarded best AV for 2014. Over at the popular IT news website tomsguide.com they recently had a shootout to test some of the most popular anti-virus solutions and to come out with a […]


Safe Mode


Having an accustomed environment encircle you can exude reassuring emotions of safety and keep you in a state of tranquillity and composure… unlike this sentence. That is why safe mode can be such a great tool to use and see from an IT perspective. In the past week I’ve had to resort to using safe […]


Browser Hijack


Click on a link that you want to open and you find yourself on the bad side of the internet staring at pop ups, free prescription medicine and critical security warnings?… Looks like you have a browser hijack. Usually I get to work on a Friday ready to have a good finish to the working […]

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