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Month: November 2013

The Security Database on the Server Does Not Have a Computer Account for This Workstation Trust Relationship – Domain


“The Security Database on the Server Does Not Have a Computer Account for This Workstation Trust Relationship” – On Widnows Domain This error has presented itself on a few rare occasions on our customer’s domain network machines. We recently discovered a quick an easy fix for the error as the fix provided by Microsoft in […]


Stubborn printer drivers in Windows – Driver in use


Since the introduction of Windows Vista, through to Windows 7 and Windows 8, I have encountered an issue where certain printers along with the printer drivers cannot be uninstalled or removed completely. To keep users from accessing old printers, to keep a lean and efficient network and most importantly to stop printer driver errors, it […]


Watchguard’s new Fireware XTM v11.8 Operating System


Watchguard has released a new Firewire XTM Operating System now in version 11.8. Earlier this week, we installed the new firmware to a couple of customers around Springwood and it fixed a couple of issues pertaining to Proxies and VPN. In addition, the new firmware introduced a new reporting tool called Watchguard Dimension. It is […]


Network Attached Storage – NAS


Network Attached Storage – NAS The NAS device has become a essential part of the networks that A&STech manage, implement and install. A&STech uses NAS devices to perform whole network backups for all our customers’ throughout the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We use NAS devices instead of DAS (Directly attached storage) as it […]


Ninite – Web based automated application installer and updater


Have you recently purchased a brand new PC? Or inherited a non tech savvy family members’ old PC that is barely chugging along? Or people, who know you, always seem to call you when programs are just not running right or for application updates? Then undoubtedly Ninite is for you. http://ninite.com is a web based […]

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