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Month: December 2013

Netcomm NB6 Router


The Netcomm NB6 Router is A&STech’s go to replacement and emergency router. We have plenty in our stock and emergency kits for those moments you need a reliable and fail safe ADSL2+ router. Like all IT service providers, there are times when you get that call that internet is down for a whole site. Among […]


3CX Phone System


3CX was founded in 2006 to provide all Windows based platforms with a open standard PBX (Private Branch Exchange) so customers can make calls straight from within Windows. The 3CX Phone System software was initially offered as an open source free product in 2006. Not long after, in 2007 the first major commercial version was […]


Solid State Drive – SSD


Solid State Drive’s (or more commonly abbreviated to SSD), are one of the biggest technology advancements in recent times for speeding up the modern PC. Their name is a little incorrect in describing what they actually are as they in actual fact don’t contain any mechanical disks or drives like the more commonly used and […]


Microsoft Office 365


In addition to Google Apps, we are now offering Microsoft Office 365 to our customers in Brisbane. Like Google Apps, it is a subscription-based Microsoft Office software. Microsoft Office 365 is a great offering for businesses that operates in a Microsoft Exchange environment and wants to transition to this service. Customers will get the best […]


Microsoft Windows XP : End of Support.


August 24th 2001 saw the release of Microsoft’s most popular operating system to date, Windows XP. If you’re still not sure what the letters XP stand for, even after all these years, Microsoft in a press release said its simply short for the word “eXPerience”. Microsoft has set April 8th 2014 as the last day of […]


High Performance with pfSense Caching Server


A caching server will greatly improve the internet performance of business networks where many users visit similar web pages. With the release of pfSense version 2.1 comes a squid package with reporting and web filtering. We have been testing our own prototype build and there is a big internet performance increase. We will be deploying […]

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