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Month: February 2014

Safe Mode


Having an accustomed environment encircle you can exude reassuring emotions of safety and keep you in a state of tranquillity and composure… unlike this sentence. That is why safe mode can be such a great tool to use and see from an IT perspective. In the past week I’ve had to resort to using safe […]


Browser Hijack


Click on a link that you want to open and you find yourself on the bad side of the internet staring at pop ups, free prescription medicine and critical security warnings?… Looks like you have a browser hijack. Usually I get to work on a Friday ready to have a good finish to the working […]


Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is one of the most important thing happening in MSP’s. Traditionally, users rely on applications that run directly or locally on the hardware, Compute/Storage/Networking, of their organization running in some On-Premises Data Center. This type of infrastructure is one in use all over the world today. Cloud computing changes it by running applications […]




The big news this week is that DisplayPort has officially ousted the aging but very handy VGA display interface. Up until this week all the PC’s, workstations and servers we had sold or configured for our customers came with a VGA display port among other display options… but not anymore. We had shipped our first […]

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