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Recent Projects

New Office Setup for Belazzo Homes

A & S Tech recently assisted Belazzo Homes moving their business into their new office. The Project was three fold. First Data needed to be migrated from on premises into the cloud. Second internet connections needed to be sorted. Finally phone services needed to be configured.


On Premises to Cloud Data Migration

As an office 365 client the strategy for Belazzo was simple move their data into the cloud, so they could easily collaborate without needing additional expense of running more tin.

A & S Tech migrated Bellazo onto new Enterprise MS licensing. SharePoint was configured and data was migrated into sharepoint. Each user was setup so they can archive emails into the documents share via outlook.

Microsoft Teams was also configured so office staff could collaborate with site staff. 

With the introduction of Teams Belazzo can now be geographically dispersed but still have video staff meetings anytime anywhere. Meetings can also be recorded to keep track of agenda items.


Internet connection and Programming

The internet connections presented the biggest challenge. Unfortunately this site was hamstrung buy what options were available and ongoing budget. A 100mb/100mb fiber connections is planed to go in with future expansion. But for now a commercial firewall has been put inplace with two separate internet connection. A 4G connection and Business grade DSL.

The router was programmed to send all critical line of business applications travel across the 4G connection. All other non critical data goes via the ADSL modem. A chunk of data is also carved off for SIP phone services.


The Phone System

A new sip based phone system was installed. With a digital receptionist programmed up the staff can be in or out of the office and still take and make calls. 

Belazzo Homes Director
Aaron and his team were in and out in two days. They help organise everything IT related to insure a smooth transition into the new office. They took care of the phone lines right through to the Data we use. We are very happy with the service.  Would recommend them to anyone.

Global Training Services Network Setup

Configure Network Data Collaboration

Joanne engaged A & S Tech to sort out a few network issues for their company. The issues were two fold, They needed a central storage location as data was being shared of a single pc. They also needed a offsite backup setup with automation.


Centralized Data 

A & S Tech migrated data from pc folders accross a few pc and created a central share on a Raided NAS share. Scripts were then created to map the appropriate drives from each pc.


Offsite Backups

Backups were configured to keep 256 copies of backups. The backups use a smart rotation schedule and backup across the internet to A & S Tech backup servers. 


Office 365 Migration and 100/100 Fiber

We are an intellectual property law firm with our head office based in Springwood QLD. As we deal with clients all over the world at all different times the uptime of our IT is critical.

IP Gateway jumped on board with A & S Tech on one of their fixed costs IT service plans a number of years ago. Since A & S Tech took over we have got our IT into ship shape.  The A & S Tech team migrated our services to 365 and we have been very happy with the results. A & S Tech also migrated our old phone system to a new voip phone system which has given us greater flexibility while at the same time lowering our telecommunication costs.

We now have fixed IT Costs lower Telco costs and a standardised environment.

Thank you A & S Tech we would be happy to recommend you to anyone!



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