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Email and Data Archiving

Enterprise Vault Email and data archiving solutions like no other In Brisbane

If your Brisbane based business needs to archive emails out of exchange then talk to A & S Tech about Enterprise Vault email archiving and how it can archive your data based on attachment size or date.

Did you know that 90% of all businesses that have in-house email servers run on Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange is a great product but what do you do when your exchange server cant store any more emails. When your exchange server stores have filled the disk drive where they sit its time to start looking at an email archiving solution such as Enterprise Vault. A & S Tech’s skilled staff have archived many businesses exchange servers in Brisbane QLD with the use of Enterprise Vault email archiving software.

Basically the way Enterprise Vault works, is it is a software solution that interrogates the exchange server mailboxes and archives mailboxes based on age or size policies to secondary or tertiary storage. Enterprise vault can keep exchange stores low in size there by speeding up valuable backup time for exchange servers.

Enterprise Vault can be used for both email compliance and for archiving exchange mail to tertiary storage. As well as archiving users mailboxes Enterprise Vault can gather all the pst files on your network pcs and servers and archive them into one central repository.

Searching archived emails is made easy by enterprise vault. Enterprise Vaults ultra fast alta vista indexing lets users search their archived email with ease and you can set policies so every email into and out of an organisation is captured by the enterprise vault system.

End users can search and retrieve their archived emails in three ways

Enterprise vault also single instances all archived email. What this means is that if you have an email sent to multiple people which has been placed in psts files and exchange stores, Enterprise Vault will recognise that it is the same email and only store one copy of the email when archiving. By removing duplicate emails out of exchange and pst files and also minimising the size of your exchange store Enterprise Vault reduces the space of the databases thereby speeding up backup times.

So if your exchange server is bursting at the seams with excess email call A & S Tech today your Brisbane based email archiving specialist.

Email archiving solutions Brisbane

Email archiving solutions Brisbane

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