One of our Security and Anti-Virus solutions available to our customers is a much lauded and awarded product called Bitdefender.

We at A&STech take customer security and discretion very seriously and therefore offer many different solutions to Viruses, Hackers, Firewall, Cracks, Malware, Spyware and other security threats.
Bitdefender is one of our solutions that we have chosen after many years of tests and real world usage of Anti-Virus products.

Bitdefender was firstly developed in Bucharest, Romania by the now CEO of the Bitdefender company and subsidiaries, Mr Florin Talpes.
It was publically offered as an AV product in 2001 and is now in its 17th build version.
Since its relatively short life as a AV product, Bitdefender has grown substantially and now has headquarters in Germany, Spain, UK, USA and off course in Romania.

A&STech use a cloud based version of Bitdefender which grants our staff with intricate controls over all the security aspects of customers’ machines and help our stuff manage all the networks that use Bitdefender from one intuitive web based console.

Bitdefender cloud edition provides real time scanning for our customers.
This real time scanning includes antispam scanning using Bitdefender’s Antispam NeuNet technology, the now patented B-HAVE technology which reduces its dependency on the usual virus signatures by proactively scanning and detecting unknown threats based on behavioural analysis.
Another technology is Active Virus Control, it scans each program as it runs its code for malware like activity and each one of those action is scored, compared and reported if the process executes harmful processes.

Bitdefender has won many awards and accolades over its short existence and this just goes to highlight the amount of calculated trust is put onto the security software to give peace of mind, actual security and threat elimination to networks in this seemingly volatile digital world.

Bitdefender is used by many of the world’s big name enterprises and we at A&STech are proud to offer it as part of our relentless pursuit of network security.