Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services is one of the most important thing happening in MSP’s. Traditionally, users rely on applications that run directly or locally on the hardware, Compute/Storage/Networking, of their organization running in some On-Premises Data Center. This type of infrastructure is one in use all over the world today. Cloud computing changes it by running applications at Data Centers owned by the organization or somebody else accessed via the internet. Cloud computing can be categorized in three ways: Cloud applications, Cloud platforms, Private clouds.

One of the most important aspect of cloud computing is the idea of running applications in the cloud. This means running applications in data centers owned by third parties accessed via the internet called the “public cloud.” Running applications in the public cloud is commonly referred to as “Software as a Service” pronounced SaaS. One example of SaaS is Microsoft Office 365 which we are currently offering to our clients in Brisbane.

Cloud platform provides self-service access to resources such as a virtual machine or gigabytes of storage commonly through a web browser interface. It allows fine-grained allocation of resources. For example, you do not have to request a server by the month rather you can request for an hour. It also allows charging only for the resources an application uses. Examples of these are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure. These two cloud platforms

In essence, what private clouds do is import the technology of cloud platforms into organizations own data centers. As an example for this, an ESXi Server with vCenter as the platform or portal for user to request resources such as virtual machines.

Cloud computing is here. It is real and important. All three aspects are important: Cloud applications, Cloud platforms and Private clouds. A and S Tech Pty Ltd is prepared to be a part of this shift to cloud computing services.