Dell Wyse thin clients

In the world of IT the continuing trend is to go smaller, lighter, virtualised and to the cloud.
The Dell Wyse Thin Clients are a piece of kit that will continue to give this directional trend a lot of incentive and life in the years to come.

Wyse is a developer and manufacturer of “Cloud Client Computing” products.
These products include thin client software, thin client hardware and the desktop virtualisation software which is done in collaboration with big named brands such as Citrix, IBM, Microsoft and VMware.

Wyse Technology as it was formerly known was founded in early 1981 as a manufacturer of character terminals (A computer that communicates with one block of information at a time).
The company quickly moved into the Personal Computing marketplace and had moderate success by selling their units much cheaper than the competitors at the time.

This all lead to where we are today, the Acquisition of Wyse by Dell and they now are a leading manufacturer of thin clients.

Thin clients are a computer system that depends heavily on other computers (a server) to function in the traditional PC way.
They are usually bare bones and therefore can come in very small packages compared to the traditional PC’s

The benefits of thin clients include their overall size, which means they can be stored away or hidden from the user.
They provide a single point of failure and greater security.
This means that the network cannot be compromised easily or infected by viruses as the thin client themselves are getting their information form the server. This means that if the server is protected well, it doesn’t really matter what happens to the thin client (software or hardware) it wot really affect or compromise the network.

Another huge benefit is the overall unit price. Because they have so few internal hardware components and little or no moving parts, they can be produced at a much cheaper price than traditional PC’s.
This means a lower operating cost, lower cost of ownership as they run with less power, cheaper to replace and can therefore be easier to upgrade if need be.

At A&STech we offer thin clients as a cheaper, safer more secure way of computing to our customers, especially if all they need is a PC that does spreadsheets, word processing and data entry as its main functions.