Should you use a Wifi Booster or Wifi extender for a large area wifi solution?

That’s the question my customer was facing. If you have a large area and need a wifi solution to extend your Wi-Fi network and cabling is an option, then in most circumstances that’s the best way to go. Our customer had over 3000 square meters of warehouse that they needed flawless wifi with roaming. The business was a mixture of Freezers, Chillers, Ambient and dry goods storage. We needed to design a fast wifi network that would support pickers on pallet jacks scanning bar codes on boxes. Also due the fact the customer was using freezer panel for each room, it acted like a faraday cage so wireless meshing between rooms was not an option.

After scoping up the project we decided to run data cabling to all access points. The access points we chose were Dlink nuclious DBA-3621 as they needed to operate in minus 20 degree conditions. Also the customer needed surveillance cameras to keep an eye on stock and trucks coming onto the docks. Further more we needed to put in a new internet connection and comms cabinet to house the NVR and power the access points. In order to extend the wifi network we used two core dlink nucleolus switches that provided the power over ethernet to the access points and office computers.

Below is a few pictures of what work was done for the customer. So now the large area is completely covered by Wi-Fi and the customer can roam across the entire site with hand held scanners. So if you have a business that needs a  business Wi-Fi Solution, weather its a hotel, motel, factory or warehouse or even office space we have you covered with our cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions.