Managed Backup Services

Why You Need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

A good business continuity and disaster recovery plan should be
considered essential for organizations of all types. However, data
protection rarely gets proper attention — even though ignoring it can have
serious implications. So, why should you care?

Downtime is Expensive

If your employees or customers do not have access their essential applications
and data, then  there will be a direct impact on productivity.  Many organizations do not consider the actual costs of downtime. The difference between having a backup solution and Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is immense.

To better understand the difference you need to look at the cost of downtime, consider the following

Let’s say your business has 100 employees, average hourly revenue
is $1,500 and the backup data set amounts to 2 TB. Given these parameters,
a full restore from a local backup using traditional backup software would
take over 8 hours. The associated downtime cost would amount to $34,000
in lost revenue.

With our BCDR solution it allows users to
continue operations while primary application servers are restored. Choosing a
BCDR solution aimed at reducing downtime makes good business sense.

Get your Backup Audit today

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