Microsoft Office 365 unlicensed

A few weeks back one of our technician’s blogged about re-licensing Microsoft Office 365 by basically logging out as the user, logging in as the admin of the domain and then logging back in as the user.
This week we found out that this solution isn’t always the solution.

After trying this above fix along with many other fixes we were forced to contact our reseller.
After they offered a few started by the book fixes, (which usually may work), we we’re finally required to contact Microsoft’s office 365 support department for help.

All I can say is that the wait times for a technician are lengthy, but in the end it is worth chasing their help.

We got along well with the technician and he did eventually resolve our issue but just as we were perplexed by the issue so was he.
He hadn’t seen where office would unlicensed itself and the admin of the domain could not relicense their copy of Office 365.

So to anyone who has tried our fix from a few weeks ago, how did it go?
If like us you found out that the licensing server unlicensed your copy of office 365 note that it did so as the machine did not communicate e with Microsoft Office 365 server in less than 30 days.
It must do so, periodically at a maximum time frame of 30 days.