Microsoft Windows XP : End of Support.

August 24th 2001 saw the release of Microsoft’s most popular operating system to date, Windows XP. If you’re still not sure what the letters XP stand for, even after all these years, Microsoft in a press release said its simply short for the word “eXPerience”.

Microsoft has set April 8th 2014 as the last day of support for all version of Windows XP.
We at A&STech are in the process of currently moving the last remaining customer PC’s which have yet to make the switch to the newer versions of Windows OS.

What happens after the 8th of April with your Windows based PC? Nothing initially.
You can use your Windows XP OS for as long as you like but you will be exposing and risking your PC every day that goes by as all security and stabilisation updates will cease.
Microsoft will also stop creating or updating KB articles for Windows XP.
All phone, email and other forms of support will also stop on that day.
All hardware and software support from manufacturers and vendors will also slowly cease and are not required to support Windows XP in their new hardware and software updates.

In other words it’s a sinking ship. If you want to inevitably go down with it, there’s that choice to stick with XP as long as you like and can keep it clean from harmful programs and have working drivers for all your hardware.

There are many benefits of moving to Windows 7 (Recommended by A&STech) or Windows 8.1 which include virtualisation optimisation with the cloud, support for the latest hardware and a vastly more secure Operating System.
The only real downside… You can’t perform an upgrade from Windows XP to the latest OS’s.
Only full, clean installs are possible with transferring of your data after the install.

Farewell to XP, it’s been an eXPerience.