Netcomm NB6 Router

The Netcomm NB6 Router is A&STech’s go to replacement and emergency router. We have plenty in our stock and emergency kits for those moments you need a reliable and fail safe ADSL2+ router.

Like all IT service providers, there are times when you get that call that internet is down for a whole site. Among other tools which we’ll eventually cover here on the blog, we carry Netcomm’s tried and tested NB6 ADSL2+ router.

It is a decently priced router, probably even considered in the medium range bracket, if not on price, then definitely on features and stability.
Like all Netcomm’s the firmware o this router is top notch and stable and many speeds and its features just work.

The Netcomm NB6 features ADSL1, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and ADSL 2+ Annex M DSL capabilities.
To keep the cost down of the router, no line filters are included with the device. Good to know when you are out on site for an emergency.

LAN connectivity includes 1 USB 3.0 port, 10mbps and 10/100mbps LAN ports. Unfortunately being in the low price range brackets it does not come with gigabit (1000mbps) LAN connectivity.
But seeing how this is used for mainly testing and emergency calls, it certainly does the job.

As a router the NB6 works well.  It can act as a DHCP relay and can even act as your DNS server.
It supports IPv4, NAT routing QoS (Quality of Service) prioritisation for VoIP and in the latest firmware update IPv6 support has been enabled.

The NB6 comes with a 12 month return to base warranty and this can be extended to 24 months with a registration on the Netcomm website.

The NB6 comes with Broadcom’s BCM6338 chip which is known for its stability even under a lot of heat and humidity.

The router is also highly regarded as one of the best cheap routers on the ever popular websites,

If you’re looking for a sure fire backup or even primary router to have I your kit, we at A&STech highly recommend the Netcomm NB6 router as we use it for all our testing and emergency calls.