Office 365 MIgration

O365 Migration services

O365 Migration Services


At A & S Tech we have been offering O365 Migration Services since its early inception. Some of the recent Projects that our team has worked on  recently are as follows.

  • 5 Domain organization Migrating from Net Registry Office 365 into a CSP Office 365 subscription for a small building company
  • 300 Google mailbox and Google Drive migration into office 365 and share point.
  • 50 seat IMAP/POP  white label office 365 migration for data and mailboxes
  • 5 seat pop 3 and data migration for emails and SharePoint for a small building company
  • 450GB data migration into SharePoint from on premises NAS

Often when we migrate clients into office 365 we migrate the Data and also the emails for the full O365 cloud experience. When talking about migrating data into office 365 there are a number of tools our team uses to get the job done.

SharePoint Migration Tool and the Mover IO Tool . For email Migrations we also use a number of tools depending on the customers situation.

For very small migrations the PST export works well on fast internet connections. However for larger office 365 migrations either MigrationWiz or Skykick are the preferred tools of choice. Then for mid size migrations for customers moving from IMAP you can use the imbedded office 365 migration tools.

At A & S Tech we have a 6 stage approach to office 365 migrations.

  • Analysis Stage
  • Provisioning Stage
  • Email Migration Stage
  • Data Migration Stage
  • End User Setup Stage
  • Handover and Resolution Stage

The Analysis stage consists of planning. Working out what Data will be migrated to where. Our Office 365 experts will liaise with your team to work out what Data will be migrated and which Migration strategy will be used. We will come up with a plan for the migration as well as a proposed timeline and cutover date.


The Provisioning Stage involves our team  provision the O365 tenancy and setting all user and passwords. Setting all relevant DNS records and settings up SharePoint and mailboxes permissions.


The Email Migration stage consist of Migrating the data from the live email source to the O365 destination mailboxes. Depending on the size of the job will depend how this is done and with what tools and time frame. On large migrations this may take a week or two on small jobs its done overnight. Basically emails are migrated into office 365 then after the mx records are changed a final sweep is done to capture any emails since the last sync to 365.


The Data Migration Stage is independent of the mailbox migrations. It can be done before or after the emails. It normally involves capture the data and uploading into SharePoint. On large jobs were 1TB plus data is in counted its normally done as staged migrations. EG The finance folder will be migrated one night then HR folder the next.

On small jobs the Data migration stage is just done in conjunction with the mailboxes.


End User Setup involves installing the new copy of office onto each machine. Setting up users mail profiles. Liasing with staff to get their phones and tablets connected to office 365. Installing MS Teams on pcs and phones as well as one drive. Then setting up one drive to sync the necessary SharePoint folders. We have pre written how to guides for 0365 end user self hep.

Add a O365 user to outlook

Setup O365 on android phone

Setup 365 on IOS phone


The Hand Over stage involves giving admin access to onsite personal. Identifying if there are any end user issues that need rectifying and making sure the process has run smooth and all staff have access to what the need and continue to operate as per normal.


So if you are looking at migrating your data and emails into Office 365 and need a hand give us a call today 07 3173 1445. Or to find out more about our Office 365 Support click here.

O365 Migration Services