wifi for education

Wifi for Education installed by aandstech

In short, A & S Tech was engaged to sort out a slow wifi issue for an education campus. The education wifi Solution comprised of older generation Access points and had no central management.

A & S Tech implemented a wifi solution comprising of D-Link Nuclias
Cloud Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, D-Link Nuclias Cloud
Switches and direct access cables.

The first step involved organising a new 500/500Mb Fibre service and D-Link completing
a Wi-Fi survey to establish the best placement for the Access Points. Then the data cabling to the APs were run and the APs were installed, using Powerover Ethernet (PoE) from the Nuclias Cloud PoE Switch.


The next step involved re-patching the entire comms cabinet and putting in the two new
D-Link Switches. Then, finally, the policies were set and the student traffic was able to be separated from the business traffic by utilising D-Link’s Nuclias Cloud Administration Portal, and a new firewall.


The customer now has full building Wi-Fi coverage without dropouts and with download and upload speeds regularly in excess of 200Mbps. As previous speeds were approximately 3Mbps up and down, this new solution is 66x faster. In addition, students can browse the web in a safe and secure manner.

With the installation and implementation of the new Wi-Fi and network system, the students and educators at campus can utilise this technology farmore effectively and efficiently.


For a more detailed view of the project please visit Wifi for Education case study