Yealink W52P DECT cordless phone

Yealink W52P DECT cordless phone


Thanks to our partners at 3CX and Alloy, we were given the opportunity to test a Yealink W52P DECT cordless phone for the past few weeks and document our findings.

As this is our first on hands product review I will try and be impartial and truthful about our experience with the product.

Normally when you get to review a product you start off with its intended use, but I want to start off with Yealink W52P’s aesthetics, it is after all the first thing you are greeted with when receiving the device.

The Yealink W52P we received was a glossy black with silver accents to add a dual tone contemporary look, the kind of look which seems to be in with phones as of 2013/2014.
It’s not a very pretty or overly sleek phone, but it surely goes out of its way to not be ugly.
Some phones light up too many colours and have features that do not blend. This phone is discreet and looks just like a modern handset should look like.
The back of the phone comes in a nonglossy black plastic which adds some much needed grip compared to the front and sides.

The screen is bright and comes with a colour display. It does have a custom GUI that is sometimes not too straight forward, but being into technology navigating the menus wasn’t too difficult for me or others in the office.
However I have to say some of the menus seemed to be named incorrectly as I had to go back out of a few menus and reselect what I originally intended… But that could be just me.

The buttons are all way too small and I have small fingers for an adult.
I found myself having to use the tip of my finger nails to navigate and press the buttons on too many occasions. They are also too small in their height from the face of the phone.
Maybe bevelling the edges a little and if they were created in a little softer rubber it would improve the feel of the keys tremendously.

The phones sound quality is quite good compared to my current smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3).
I tried turning the phone away from me and I could still clearly hear the other person and they could hear me.
We did have one day when the phone played up and customers were complaining of sound quality but it was done to our VoIP playing up.

One feature that the phone comes with is a handle. It does make the phone slightly more difficult and uncomfortable o handle but I can see the benefit if you want to hang the phone on a stand or a belt. Personally I didn’t use this feature but I commend Yealink for including it with the phones.
The clip does come off, but I left it on during our testing time.

Battery life on the Yealink W52P is very good compared to what we’ve been accustomed to accept for wireless handsets and smartphones, of course this is down to the comparatively small screen and that its main use is voice calls only.
I did use the phone extensively and it never went below 2 out of 3 lines on the battery.
The charger is very good in terms of quickly and efficiently charging the phone.
The charger forces the phone to stand up vertically but does not provide enough support as I found the phone being knocked over even by movements and bumps in a table.
I also had to be accurate and extra gentle in placing the phone upright on its charger otherwise it would fall straight to the ground.
Maybe adding a deeper groove for the charger would improve this.

Overall the experience with the Yealink W52P was positive.
It is light, the receiver distance is fantastic, it charges quickly and stays charged for days on end even with moderate usage.
A good product but does fall short in its overall aesthetics and general day to day usability.