Network Attached Storage – NAS

Network Attached Storage – NAS

The NAS device has become a essential part of the networks that A&STech manage, implement and install.

A&STech uses NAS devices to perform whole network backups for all our customers’ throughout the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast area.
We use NAS devices instead of DAS (Directly attached storage) as it offers our customers easy access easy to their files simultaneously from all their computers on network.
The NAS device can be self-managed with its own firmware and software and we have even started implementing cloud backups via the NAS device’s software.

The latest NAS devices have tremendous backup and seek speed via RAID 5 and USB 3.0 inputs.

As for the device, we at A&STech have put our calculated trust in the leader of home & small business NAS devices, Synology.
Their extensive range of NAS devices have performed exceptionally under all circumstances and have streamlined the backup process for all our customers.
They have been solid in both the hardware &software fronts and are easy to maintain and use.
They have a user friendly GUI called DSM (Disk Station Manager) that comes with loads of extra software from managing backup schedules, checking logs and performance issues, installing surveilance and monitoring equipment and backing up to the cloud.


Ninite – Web based automated application installer and updater

Have you recently purchased a brand new PC?
Or inherited a non tech savvy family members’ old PC that is barely chugging along?
Or people, who know you, always seem to call you when programs are just not running right or for application updates?
Then undoubtedly Ninite is for you. is a web based automated installation tool that runs locally on your machine
(or across a whole domain for the pro version) that automatically finds the latest stable release version of a program, downloads it, installs it and even updates all the apps it has in its database and are already installed on your computer.

It’s smart in the way it goes about it’s installation too.
It doesn’t just simply install the programs in their normal state but it recognises what is bloatware, add-ons or toolbars and automatically skips them during the install phase.

It also checks against the latest stable version of the software that you choose to update and skips it or updates it depending on the version that is currently installed.

We at A&STech use on a weekly basis as one of our initial go to software installation packages for all our Brisbane and Gold Coast based customers.

It’s simple, smart and frees up a ton of time.

Highly recommended.